Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas time is coming!

I did lots of shopping last weekend, and we managed to get the Christmas tree up and the gifts under it. Getting 2 kids to look at and smile at the camera - at the same time - is no easy task! But, I got one, and called it good. Bella is learning so much so quickly; it's amazing to watch all the firsts with her. She's clapping, waving, saying bye-bye, mama, dada, and even took a couple steps the other night. Kayden is such a good big brother. Bella loves to tackle him and hug him, and he just hugs her right back. Wonder how long that will last.... Kayden is doing great in preschool. They are caroling at a retirement home next week and I've decided to take the day off from work to go with him. After caroling, there will be a visit from Santa! I've already got my list of wishes ready! He he he, er, I mean, ho, ho, ho!

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