Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was fairly quiet and relaxing this year. No big snow storms, no big meals to worry about (because no one came to visit this year). We had crab legs for our Christmas dinner this year. That's right. You know why? Because we are adults and we can eat whatever we want for Christmas dinner!
Bella loved all the toys. She laughed and smiled the whole time we opened gifts.

Kayden got a "Fur Real" kitty cat from Grandma and Grandpa Stockman. It meows, purrs and is motion activated. So, when you walk by it, it meows at you. It was meowing under the tree. Try to hide that! As you can see, he loves it. He also got a puppy that whimpers and moves its head. Bella is infatuated with it and carries it around. It's the one toy they fight over. She loves to tote it around, pet it and kiss it. Kayden typically only wants it when she has it, but such is life as a 4 year old!

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